A Comprehensive Guide to Synonyms for Technology

Synonyms for Technology change our ​lives all ​the time and ​have an ​effect on almost ​every part ​of society. Technology ​is all ​around us, whether ​it’s the ​newest smartphone, a ​medical device ​that changes the ​way we ​do things, or ​cutting-edge advances ​in AI. Even ​though the ​word “technology” is ​used a ​lot, it’s important ​to grow ​our vocabulary and ​find words ​that describe the ​wide range ​of topics and ​levels of ​difficulty in this ​area. Within ​this piece, we ​will explore ​fifty different words ​that can ​be used instead ​of “technology,” ​giving reasons and ​examples for ​each one.

New ​ideas

They ​come out with ​new ​goods, ideas, or ​ways of ​doing things.
For ​example, the ​company’s constant improvements ​in green ​energy have changed ​the whole ​field.

Getting ahead

​Definition: Growth ​or progress, especially ​in terms ​of skills or ​understanding.
For ​example, the fast ​growth of ​digital technology has ​changed how ​people talk to ​each other.

Moving Forward

Definition: ​Moving forward ​or getting better.
​For example, ​advances in medical ​science have ​made people live ​longer.

The ​Truth

Natural science ​is the ​organized study of ​the natural ​world, which often ​leads to ​new technologies.
Example: ​Amazing things ​have been done ​by combining ​science and technology.

Science and ​Engineering

Scientific engineering ​is the ​use of scientific ​ideas to ​plan and build ​tools, structures, ​and systems.
Engineers ​were very ​important in creating ​the newest ​technology for space ​travel.

Come ​up with

The ​process of ​making something new ​or different.
​The world changed ​forever when ​Thomas Edison invented ​the light ​bulb.

Find Out

​Finding something ​that wasn’t known ​before.
Antibiotics ​changed the way ​treatment was ​done forever.

New ​progress

Meaning: ​An important change ​or accomplishment.
​The big step ​forward in ​quantum computing could ​change the ​way computers work ​in many ​ways.

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Moving Forward

​A set ​of steps or ​stages that ​help something grow.
​Devices that ​are smaller and ​faster are ​now possible thanks ​to progress ​in technology.

Steps ​Forward

Getting ​better or new ​things happening ​in many areas.
​Robotics have ​become more useful ​thanks to ​recent progress.

Changes ​of

Change ​or growth that ​happens slowly ​over time.
The ​way we ​live and work ​has changed ​because of how ​the internet ​has changed over ​time.

Today’s ​World

The process ​of getting ​used to new ​technologies or ​ways of doing ​things.
For ​example, the government ​started a ​program to bring ​infrastructure up ​to date.

Getting ​digital

The ​process of changing ​physical information ​into digital information.
​For example, ​digitizing libraries has ​made it ​easier for people ​to find ​old records.

Automating ​Things

The ​use of equipment ​or methods ​that are mostly ​automatic.
For ​example, automation in ​production has ​made things more ​efficient and ​cut down on ​the cost ​of labor.

Computers ​and networks

​The study of ​how animals, ​machines, and groups ​talk to ​each other and ​run themselves.
​For example, cybernetics ​has helped ​make self-regulating devices ​possible.

Making ​machines

Putting in ​tools or ​automatic ways of ​doing things.
​For example, the ​use of ​machines in farming ​has made ​it more productive.

​Small details

​Detailed information or ​problems that ​are specific to ​a subject.
​For example, making ​software requires ​knowing a lot ​about the ​details of computer ​code.

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New ​technology

Definition: Having ​to do ​with or showing ​signs of ​advanced technology.
For ​example, the ​business focuses on ​high-tech safety ​solutions.

Tech electronics

​The area ​of physics and ​industry that ​studies how electrical ​circuits work.
Example: Electronics for ​everyday use ​are still changing ​quickly.
Tech ​gadgets

What are ​devices and ​equipment?

Usually, they ​are technical.
​There are a ​lot of ​new gadgets on ​the market ​that can be ​used every ​day.

Tools and ​equipment

Definition: ​Tools or machines ​that use ​mechanical parts.
In ​this case, ​the plant uses ​cutting-edge equipment ​to make things.

What You ​Need

Tools are ​instruments or ​tools that are ​used for ​a specific task.
​For example, ​a craftsman’s toolbox ​has many ​different kinds of ​specialized tools.

Things used

A ​complex piece ​of machinery or ​equipment used ​for a specific ​task.
For ​example, the lab ​equipment made ​it possible to ​take accurate ​readings.

Things that ​happen

Definition: ​A machine or ​tool that ​looks odd or ​hard to ​understand.
Example: The ​machine was ​made to solve ​a special ​technical problem.

How ​things work

​The study of ​how systems ​work and what ​their qualities ​are.
Systematics is ​a key ​part of improving ​complicated processes.

The Method

A ​method or ​skill that is ​used to ​do a certain ​job.
For ​example, the surgeon’s ​method is ​known for being ​very accurate.

How to do ​it

A ​system or group ​of methods ​used in a ​certain field ​of study.
For ​example, the ​study method used ​made sure ​that the results ​were correct.

How to Do ​It

A ​list of steps ​that must ​be taken in ​order to ​complete a job.
​For example, ​safety rules ​are in ​place to keep ​accidents from ​happening.

How things ​work

This ​is the part ​of physics ​that studies motion ​and forces.
​Example: In flying, ​it’s very ​important to understand ​how flight ​works.

How to ​do things

​Techniques are the ​ways that ​things are done ​in a ​certain area.
For ​example, the ​techniques used to ​make music ​have changed a ​lot over ​the years.

Skill ​at work

​Being able to ​make or ​create something well.
​Example: The ​skill with which ​handmade furniture ​is made is ​truly impressive.

A skill

Being ​good at ​doing a certain ​job is ​what proficiency means.
​The skill ​of the software ​creator is ​clear from the ​easy-to-use interface.

Skills and knowledge

​This word ​means practical information ​or skill.
​As an example, ​the company ​has unmatched expertise ​in data ​processing.

Knowledge and ​skills

Expertise ​is a specific understanding ​or skill ​in a certain ​area.
Many ​businesses want to ​hire her ​because she is ​an expert ​in safety.

Technical ​Know-How

Definition: ​Being able to ​understand scientific ​ideas and principles.
​In today’s ​technology-driven world, it’s ​important to ​learn professional skills.

Useful Science

​The application of ​science ideas ​in real-life ​situations.
Applied ​science has made ​big steps ​forward in engineering ​and health, ​for example.

Technology ​for information

​The study of ​computer networks ​and systems and ​how to ​run them.
For ​example, people ​who work in ​information technology ​keep networks safe.

Technology for ​communication

The tools ​and methods ​that are used ​to send ​information.
Communication technology ​has improved, ​making it easy ​for people ​all over the ​world to ​connect with each ​other.

The ​study of life

​This is ​the use of ​biological processes ​in science and ​technology.
As ​an example, genetic ​engineering has ​gotten better thanks ​to biotechnology.

The use of ​nanotechnology

The ​shaping of matter ​on the ​nanoscale level.
Nanotechnology ​could be ​used in materials ​science, for ​example.

Automation and ​robots

The ​study of how ​robots are ​made and how ​they work.
​For example, robotics ​is changing ​everything from business ​to healthcare.

AI, or artificial ​intelligence,

Creating ​computers that can ​do things ​that humans can ​do is ​called artificial intelligence.
​For instance, ​AI systems are ​used in ​technology that can ​recognize faces.

Safety online

Steps ​that are ​taken to keep ​computer systems ​and data safe ​from being ​stolen or damaged.
​Cybersecurity experts ​are very important ​for keeping ​private data safe.

With augmented ​reality (AR),

Technology ​that adds ​digital information on ​top of ​the real world.
​For instance, ​AR makes gaming ​more fun ​by adding virtual ​features to ​the real world.

In virtual ​reality (VR),

Definition: ​A computer-made ​world that looks ​and feels ​real.
For example, ​VR is ​used to teach ​pilots and ​astronauts through simulations.

Cellular phones

​This is the ​sending of ​information over long ​distances.
For ​instance, telecommunications companies ​offer services ​like the Internet ​and phones.

Long-Term Success

The ​use of ​technology to keep ​resources from ​running out and ​protect the ​earth.
For instance, ​sustainable technology ​tries to lower ​carbon pollution.

Renewable Power

Energy ​that comes ​from natural sources ​that are ​naturally restored.
Solar ​and wind ​power are examples ​of energy ​that can be ​used over ​and over again.

Science of ​Data

The process ​of looking ​at and making ​sense of ​large amounts of ​complicated data.
​For example, business ​and healthcare decisions are ​based on ​data science.

Exploration ​of Space

​Exploring space with ​technology is ​what this term ​means.
For ​example, exploring space ​has led ​to new scientific ​findings and ​technological advances.


As ​technology keeps getting ​better at ​a speed that ​has never ​been seen before, ​so should ​our language. These ​words that ​mean the same ​thing as ​”technology” help you ​understand the ​broad field that ​shapes our ​world better. Picking ​the right ​synonym can help ​you communicate ​better and show ​that you ​understand how technology ​is changing ​all the time, ​whether you’re ​talking about innovation, ​robots, or ​sustainability. Accept these ​options and ​use them to ​improve your ​writing, discussions, and ​understanding of ​how technology changes the world.

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